Okinawa Churaumikun-Backpackers-hostel

wellcome to okinawa churaumi-kun backpackers hostel


[Okinawa-churaumikun-Backpackers hostel] is a comfortable apartment in the northern part of Okinawa .There are many famous tourist sites nearby. Free Wi-Fi,TV,Air conditioning,Private shower,kitchenware,microwave,washing machine in each of the room.(No shared space!) Private Rooms from 2500JPY/person

Okinawa-churaumikun-Backpackers hostel

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In the case when the guest changes the reservations, the guest is requested to notify it at least 10 days prior to the check-in date.Cancellation fee will occur to change or cancellation later .(50%-100%)

You can be booked from [airbnb]


price/1 night
Number of Persons price/Person total
1人 6,000¥ 6,000¥
2人 3,500¥ 7,000¥
3人 3,500¥ 10,500¥
4人 3,500¥ 14,000¥
5人 3,500¥ 17,500¥
6人 3,500¥ 21,000¥
7人 3,500¥ 24,500¥
8人 3,500¥ 28,000¥

Separately , consumption tax will take 8%


Place★ 176 Nakama Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture

Free Parking space